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XL 208cm x 146cm (Wx
H)(82""x58"") / Woven Paper (Standard Paper Value Range) XXL 312cm x 219cm (Wx
H)(123""x87"") / Woven Paper (Standard Paper Value Range) XXXL 416cm x 254cm (Wx
H)(164""x100"") / Woven Paper (Standard Paper Value Range) XXXXL 520cm x 290cm (Wx
H)(205""x114"") / Woven Paper (Standard Paper Value Range) XL 208cm x 146cm (Wx
H)(82""x58"") / Vinyl (Peel and stick No glue Removable) XXL 312cm x 219cm (Wx
H)(123""x87"") / Vinyl (Peel và stick No glue Removable) XXXL 416cm x 254cm (Wx
H)(164""x100"") / Vinyl (Peel và stick No glue Removable) XXXXL 520cm x 290cm (Wx
H)(205""x114"") / Vinyl (Peel và stick No glue Removable)
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100% Natural, Environmental & Breathable The images on the picture is for illustration purpose only, please refer to lớn the actual kích cỡ sheet.

AJ Premium Canvas is self-adhesive and fabric texture wallpaper that is easy lớn apply, reposition, & remove. Simply peel & stick onto recommended surfaces. Canvas is waterproof & easy khổng lồ clean. Meanwhile, it is more durable and with better image quality.
AJ Woven Paper wallpaper, the paper is reinforced with nylon fibers making the wallpaper stable, meaning that the extra adhesive can be applied directly to lớn the wall or the back of the wallpaper, which makes the installation same as traditional wallpaper.
AJ Vinyl is self-adhesive wallpaper that is easy khổng lồ apply, reposition, và remove. Simply peel and stick onto recommended surfaces. Vinyl is totally washable, you can wipe it with clear water all the time.
AJ Heavy Vinyl is a self-adhesive material as well, it is design lớn use on the floor, it has a special hard coating on the top of the wallpaper, và it makes the wallpaper skid resistance.
AJ Vinyl (Door/Stair), this Vinyl material is specially kiến thiết for the door or stairs, it have a special coating on the đứng top of the wallpaper to lớn protect the màu sắc and scratch. It is perfect for small projects; showroom new style khổng lồ a door, furniture, or accent piece.

Products Delivery Type Area Estimate Time Extra Fee
Wall murals/Ceiling murals/ Floor murals/Stairs murals Standard Any countries 5-8 Business days ——
Express Delivery Australia/New Zealand/Europe 4-6 Business days $49.99
USA $49.99
Quilt covers/Bed sheets/ Shower curtains/Curtains/Rugs Standard Any countries 7-10 Business days ——
Express Delivery Australia/ New Zealand/ Europe 4-6 Business days $49.99
USA $49.99

không tính phí Standard Shipping: 5 - 10 Days

Express Shipping: 4-6 Days (Extra $49.99)

FAQ About Shipping

Can I use Po Box?

We bởi not post to lớn PO BOX for Wall Murals.

vì chưng I get mural adhesive paste included in the package?

Premium Canvas, vinyl is self-adhesive ,do not need exra adhesive.

Non-woven paper need extra adhesive, but we vày not sell wallpaper paste, you need lớn purchase from you local store.

Any Custom and Duty for international Buyer?

Usually we use Gift khổng lồ post your order, you don"t need to lớn pay any duty or tax.

*Day:Business Days .

Make sure the wall surface is flat, clean và smooth. A clean & dry wall will help the adhesive from your wall mural to keep its stickiness. Put all panels on the ground, check the order. Measure and write down the dimensions of each panel. Mark vertical guidelines according to the panel"s dimensions. Leave 2-3cm overlap between panels.

Brush glue on the wall for the 1st panel, wait for 3 minutes. Apply the 1st panel. Leave 1-2cm overage on top. Bottom and left hand side. Smooth wrinkles và remove bubbles. Align panel 2 lớn panel 1. Simply match the pattern of the mural (with 2-3cm overlap)Peel away the excess piece.


Repeat for additional panels.Trim anyceiling and baseboard overage, removeexcess paste.Close doors và windowsleave the glue dried naturally for 3-4days.

So easy! All done


A clean and dry wall wil help the adhesive from your wall mural lớn keep its stickiness.Put all panels on the ground, check the order. Measure and write down the dimensions of each panel. Mark vertical guidelines according khổng lồ the panel"s dimensions. Leave 2cm overlap between panels.

Align panel 2 lớn panel 1. Simply match the pattern of the mural (with 2cm overlap).No need lớn cut. Repeat for additional panels. Trim any ceiling và baseboard overage, lt"s better to wipe the mural"s surface with a wet cloth after the installation. Because it will make more sticky.

Return policy

We bởi vì 14 business days Money back guarantee after you received your mural, however we bởi not accept refund for change mind or given wrong details. Because your hàng hóa is custom made lớn fit your wall which means it cannot be returned. However, if you are not satisfied with the sản phẩm please contact us and we will try to help you in any way we can.

Custom Wall Mural

$2.58 USD

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We scale the pattern you like according to your wall. – The Wallpaper we used is 5.65 oz (160 gr) Non-Woven. – After installation,it can be easily wiped with a damp & clean cloth. – Our Wallpaper does not contain any substances harmful lớn health. – It has a non-flammable B1 certificate. – Fees are priced on square feet.


HOW CAN I ORDERYou can start by choosing a thiết kế you like. Before ordering, enter the width và height of the wall you have selected for your wallpaper in the relevant section below the pattern code you want.

We will print your wallpaper 1-2% larger than the dimensions you give us lớn allow for adequate excess paper for trimming. This will make installation easier và safer.

Next, determine whether you want the wallpaper installed by an expert under our company’s warranty. If you want an installation service by an expert, the installation fee will be automatically added khổng lồ the wallpaper fee in our system.

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Before proceeding khổng lồ the payment part of the order, confirm your order by carefully examining the order confirmation page, which is the last step, và complete your order.


The surface of your wall should be smooth, clean, and dry. If there is damage khổng lồ your wall, repair it or have it done at least 24 hours before the wallpaper is installed. Part numbers are written at the beginning of each roll. Install a little more than the area where each piece will come khổng lồ the wall where you will install the glue you have prepared. If it’s easier for you, you can also use adhesive on the back of each piece of wallpaper. Then, you can combine them side by side and instead them by completing the patterns. In some of our products, the edges of the wallpaper pieces are overlapped to lớn achieve the pattern, and then the edges of the two parts are cut neatly & smoothly lớn bring the edges side by side. Afterward, you can clean the surface with a soft and damp cloth.


After your order reaches us, it will be sized in the dimensions you provide, and production will begin quickly. It will be delivered by cargo to lớn the address you will give within 15 working days after your order.


Our wall murals are of unique design & are non-refundable as the Customer’s measurements produce them. Our company guarantees lớn replace the product with a new one if there is any deformation, deficiency or damage due khổng lồ production printing errors on the wall murals It does not demand the price of the replaced sản phẩm from the Customer. You should know that every wall murals is specially produced for your wall in line with your measurements.